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1-10 September 2002

8 SepFantasies
2 SepMore Yupgi! & how the Censors watch out for us
2 SepA New Month


8 September 2002 9:43 PM SGT

I once responded to someone's question (I can't remember who) by saying that I didn't waste my time daydreaming, fantasising, whatever you call it. Well I thought about it after that & realised that I wasn't being very honest. Right now I'm flipping through the Ikea catalogue (valid up to August 2003). For these recent years it has been my habit to go through everything & picture in my mind the perfect home. Of course, the perfect home would not only have things that Ikea sells, but you get the idea - furniture in the living room, bedroom, kitchen etc. Ideally you also need to have an unlimited budget, sigh...

Although a week has passed since I raved about the MSG soundtrack (see previous post) I find that nothing much changes in a week for me. Of significance:

More Yupgi! & how the Censors watch out for us

2 September 2002 11:50 PM SGT

Yesterday I bought the soundtrack to My Sassy Girl at Sembawang Music Centre at CineLeisure (digression: don't you think they need a change of name, because it's quite obvious that they've moved beyond Sembawang Shopping Centre & are competing with the middle-sized to big boys now, but never mind):

AC+E No. 2: Kim Hyung-Suk's 2nd Project Album (a.k.a. My Sassy Girl O.S.T.)
Cover front Cover back Record front Record back

A New Month

2 September 2002 10:50 PM SGT

I was planning to write this "new month" post yesterday, but didn't make the "deadline" - heh guess I can't be a journalist or somebody like that. Anyway it is now 10 months less 3 days to my ORD, so I thought it's about time I appraise my life, so to speak - draw up a list of what I've achieved since I was enlisted (29 December 2000), and what I still have to do (this list is VERY long, unfortunately). One of my aims for this NS liability was not to let my brain atrophy, & I wonder whether how far I've gone beyond letting that unpleasant event happen. (Another was not to try too hard at my own expense - check!) But of course I won't be laying out my whole life here, because well, it's my life, & besides it's not very interesting.

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