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21-31 October 2002

30 OctStill Sick
29 OctBar Top Dancing redux
28 OctSeniority
28 OctThe World Today
27 OctSick
27 OctThe Ellen Feiss phenomenon
24 OctStar Trek: Nemesis in Singapore
23 OctFare Gates for Left-Handers, part IV
23 OctADA for the Internet?, part II

Still Sick

30 October 2002 11:46 PM SGT

I'm still sick, only now it's a cough that really drains me of energy, which is why you won't be seeing too many updates here for the time being. As for the previous post, I remembered the part about TalkingCock.com's disclaimer (see Deep Linking), but in this case the alternative (here's their main site, find the story yourself) is a bit too cumbersome.

Speaking of deep linking, here's a good (if quite one-sided) article in Wired, Rooting Around Site With Intent?, about the Swedish company that claims a Reuters reporter "hacked" into their site to access confidential financial data. As you'll read, their actual legal case could be much more flimsy than that.

Bar Top Dancing redux

29 October 2002 10:41 PM SGT

Oh man this is brilliant: Bar Top Dance Leads to Riots, Collapse of Nation. Also see my previous post on this.


28 October 2002 10:28 PM SGT

I watched Finding Forrester again yesterday (watched it in the cinema before) & one thing struck me (again?) - the fact that the 16-year-old high school student Jamal addresses his mentor, the 70-year-old William Forrester, acclaimed novelist, as simply "William." Maybe it's my upbringing or the cultural milieu, but calling someone so senior to you & mentoring you (in writing, in this case), by his personal name seems wrong somehow. Does the actor playing Jamal (Rob Brown) - fresh in acting - call Sean Connery, with decades of experience under his belt, "Sean" too? If that's the case, Hollywood can be an amazingly egalitarian place. Or else, mei da mei xiao (literally "no big & small: not respectful of one's elders or seniors).

The World Today

28 October 2002 9:44 PM SGT

Since this incident, I have cut down on my book reading this month in favour of magazine reading (Newsweek & Time mainly). Too much of current affairs has me thinking that the world is rapidly going to hell. Witness:


27 October 2002 12:08 AM SGT

It started with a small sore throat on Thursday, worsened into a fever by the end of the day (I went to work thinking I would be fine; obviously I was wrong), & with the help of antibiotics the symptoms have receded only to be replaced by a dry cough. I can't help but be reminded of the infamous influenza Tekong that was rampant during my BMT days - nearly everyone in & around the bunks were coughing that it resembled a hospital. & since only those with really serious symptoms like fever got Attend C (military MC; go home to rest), the virus(es) simply recirculated around the place & never really left us. I remember I took a week or so to shake it off after I returned to the mainland.

The Ellen Feiss phenomenon

27 October 2002 12:02 AM SGT

Something about the Apple Switch campaign again: Ellen Feiss the student has been embraced by a small cult of Mac enthusiasts (young, pretty etc.) & marijuana advocates (because, they claim, she looks stoned in the ad). Apple 'Switch' Star Flies High - about the hippie fans - & Impressions of a Young Mac Geek - a lookalike contest in Sweden. Not quite of "all your base are belong to us" fame yet, but she may just get there.

Star Trek: Nemesis in Singapore

24 October 2002 12:04 AM SGT

The movie (IMDB, previous post) will be coming to town in March 2003. Hmm a little later than what I expected (US opening: Dec 13).

Fare Gates for Left-Handers, part IV

23 October 2002 11:58 PM SGT

Dear Ziyuan,

I refer to your feedback regarding designated fare gates for left handers.

Our fare gates were designed and constructed so as to facilitate the flow of people. This is why the gates were designed for the card to be inserted / scanned on the right side, as the majority of users are right handers.

Notwithstanding this, we note your concerns, and in fact our past studies have shown that the majority of left handers are comfortable with the current gate design.

Having dedicated gates for left handers would impede the movement of people, as they would have to accustom to a differentiation in design. Also, most left handers would also not take the trouble to make their way to these gates, just to get their card scanned.

Thank you for your feedback.

Corporate Communications

The end?

ADA for the Internet?, part II

23 October 2002 11:56 PM SGT

The judge in this case has ruled that the ADA does not apply to the Internet. See my last post on this.

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