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Week 1

(1), shown 29/11/1999

(2), shown 30/11/1999

(3), shown 1/12/1999

(4), shown 2/12/1999

(Actually the above 3 reasons are enough to discount this whole airplane-hacking semi-episode as purely a product of hyperactive imagination and scare-mongering. To sideline a bit: Airlines are not going to fall out of the sky because of Y2K anytime soon, partly because of less passenger rates, but mostly because airlines in most industrialised places have largely prepared themselves. In places like China, airline executives are even required to fly come New Year's Eve just to prove this. Good luck to them :-)

Still, this questionable plot involves hacking, not Y2K, and is the basis for more botches later in this episode, & I simply can't resist pointing them out, so bear with me...)

Main > Week 1: Episodes 1-4