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Week 4

(13), shown 21/12/1999

Weird that Yue Zhida is so easy with his confidential information, leaving his palmtop around without any password or safeguard at all, to be discovered by Chen Hanwei. My friend questions how one can make thousands with a few clicks, even with contra, but who knows? TCS has always liked to make contra its scapegoat for the foolish-person-squanders-savings case. & the PC crashing when they were day- (or rather, evening-trading) would probably have more to do with Windows than the teen resting his arm on the monitor :-)

(14), shown 22/12/1999

I missed half of this episode (& don't have the synopsis, gasp!). & the second half didn't have anything interesting to comment on. I'm mainly going with the flow of the story for now. & I'm quite pleasantly surprised to find out that the prediction I made in Episode 8 about Shuqi & Mingxuan (character names) turned out to be true here. The tendency to pair singles when they aren't too closely related to each other is so strong, huh?

(15), shown 23/12/1999

I have nothing to say for this episode, except to ask Chen Hanwei how he managed to transfer the data from the WinCE palmtop to a diskette that fast. But, well, this is unimportant to the story. Building in a floppy drive with a palmtop is not that practical.

(16), shown 24/12/1999

As usual, nothing computer-related to comment on. But the story is really becoming a drag. & there are 4 more episodes...

Main > Week 4: Episodes 13-16