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SIDE COMMENT: & must really wonder how TCS rigged the schedule such that this show ends 2 days before the year 2000 arrives. Coincidence?

Week 5: Last week! - Not

Something special for this week's episodes - I'm reviewing them by the gaffes instead of the episodes.

Zoe Tay's biochip
Here's something that is far-fetched today & which might not even be possible. Heck, we aren't even sure exactly HOW the brain stores information & makes decisions, & now we're supposed to have a microchip implant that can do that & control the subject? Both computer professionals & novices must find this laughable, which it is. & I don't appreciate TCS's special sound effects, especially the one in the 20th episode where a little blue streak is supposed to depict that the self-destruction sequence has been activated. Apparently the audience does not know anything about radio waves being invisible, such that TCS must expressly show it to them.

Yue Zhida's preserved brain...
The same, IMPOSSIBLY far-fetched today & which might not be possible. We are shown Yue Zhida's brain being preserved in some glass box like it was some museum exhibit, with a couple of wires being stuck inside. Never thought the brain could use AC wires too. :-)

...& the VR world! (My God)
So, try & accept the preserved brain thing, because there's more! To communicate with Yue Zhida's brain you put on some sensory gear & hey presto! You are plunged through some tunnel & land in a polygonal VR world. Then Mr Yue appears before your eyes. I question the need for the fellow to PLUNGE through some tunnel - apparently simply materialising in the VR world isn't classy enough for TCS.

20 years of knowledge in a few screens
So even if you're willing to accept that a brain can be preserved & can communicate with the living through some crazy VR interface, how about TEACHING James Lye 20 YEARS OF COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY by multiplying his screen presence & flashing him screens & screens of data? I mean, personally, I couldn't even begin to explain how all this is completely ridiculous before LOL. & don't give me the 'Since James Lye is a genius, he can do ANYTHING & EVERYTHING' rubbish.

This is the sort of thing that makes you cringe & start to appreciate other works, such as the crappiest made-for-TV movies from Hollywood. Oh, give me anything but TCS...

I'll get to the point - how can a, no, 2 backdoors left by an 8-year old kid survive 20 YEARS & still work? You don't expect the government agencies to use the same software & all after that long.

This show claims that the FBI computers are linked to the Federal Reserve & to Wall Street. Well...I don't think so. Unlike certain scriptwriters & producers, the U.S. govt should have more sense than that.

The big villain's security systems
Excuse me, TCS, but exactly how did James Lye & Zoe Tay manage to

  1. Intrude into Zhuang Boting's (the big villain) house (which by right should be heavily guarded)
  2. Enter his room with the recognised-as-correct ID card
  3. Get past the biometric eye scanner in his room to activate his computer (this is the biggest gaffe IMHO)
  4. Get the chess game right on the first try
  5. Do some stupid mini-SAT test to gain access (apparently passwords are out of fashion)

SAT tests...who knows what brand-new security mechanism TCS can think up of, & which will also be rendered useless in front of the screen heroes for no conceivable reason at all? Now you know one less source to ask if you want security.

The dive
It amazes me how, if it was that dangerous, Zoe Tay & Chen Hanwei could go for a 100-m dive without mention of ANY training beforehand & without any help or equipment, e.g. a torch. Instead it's reduced to a guy-waiting-for-girl-to-surface scene that is, well, yet another cliche.

Wow! Episode 21! Who would have thought...
& you thought you had enough for the past 4 weeks. Apparently when almost everything but the triangle-love-affair (can anybody read cliche?), TCS has to have a special Episode 21 which will be shown on Saturday. I think this is some valiant attempt to prove that the show actually has some intellectual depth, but on the other hand, if you say that it's because they couldn't decide who Zoe Tay should be with, then you've got a point.

& I sincerely hope that we don't have a STUPID Golden Pillow ambiguous ending. Only difference? Now we have 1 girl & 2 guys. Wow. That's new.

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