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Week 2

(5), shown 6/12/1999

(6), shown 7/12/1999

(7), shown 8/12/1999

(8), shown 9/12/1999

The truly TXGF horrible flaws are getting rarer because, I guess, of the need for more in-depth development. Well, at least the story is moving along, instead of having more silly Y2K/virus incidents.

& the highlight of the episode, the juxtapositioning of 2 related incidents.

  1. 386 conning ignorant people, saying that his (pirated) antivirus software can cure all viruses come 10 April, which is supposed to be the heyday of viruses because it's the 9,999'th day in the Julian calendar. Now THIS is a very bad touch the scriptwriter got from the papers.
  2. 386's mother is conned by some chap which claims his 'magic stone' can cure the millennium bug ('qian nian chong'). Of course his mother is so ignorant that she doesn't even know what the Millennium bug is, & loses $600 for that ignorance.

Although some of my friends who watched the thing too ('ahem') found this part downright stupid, I think it was the scriptwriter trying to inject some intelligence in the show (for once). Trying to imply that the Julian calendar risk was as much hype as the conman's 'magic stone.' However, if the meaning is taken more widely, it could be that he's trying to say: 'DON'T listen to everything you hear, especially from so-called computer professionals about viruses and millennium bugs.' Well, this would not be very good advice, wouldn't it? Antivirus software is a necessary evil, and there's no use denying that.

An additional theme has been developed over this week's episode, IMHO: distrust of computer professionals. Seems to make most of the industry look like crooks, taking advantage of people's ignorance to make a bundle. Is this realistic? Is it fair to the real computer industry? You judge for yourself.

Main > Week 2: Episodes 5-8