Huishan   0:44 am tuesday may 7, 2002
Hi! that's the new class message board's web add...
not very cheem lar... but at least no need to *click click 
click* hehe trying to learn more stuff to make it better... 
check it out! :) 

re: Guard Duty Johnny 10:45 am sunday may 5, 2002 well i just finished ANOTHER round of guard duty last weeks' was for getting caught in canteen and yesterdays was a regimental brought upon by being 'attached out' for water polo. unfortunately, some idiot decided to surf porn on the guard room computer which landed him in DB. that one nemind, they banned the use of the computer by all personnel until further notice! see how easily people sucummb to porn...
re: Guard Duty Data 0:40 am sunday may 5, 2002 Well my experience of 'department duty' is a bit different: we arrive later (7.15 or so); there IS a bus; the officers are the pple who stay late; & there isn't any selling to the best of my knowledge (either we are all duty-bound pple, we've never needed to or we're just not very innovative). However, I do have an interesting personal experience to share. Some external consultants came in to have a meeting with some of our officers. They began at 5, & at 7.30 the officers left, assuring me, the hapless duty clerk, that the consultants would be done 'soon.' It took them half an hour more, & when they came out, some of them gasped "oh, there's someone waiting for us!" & then another, who looked the senior, quipped "don't worry, he's getting overtime [pay] for this." Sigh. At least such experiences are few & far between. P.S. For those who can't tell what the big fuss is, NSFs DON'T get overtime pay, so sorry, that can't be used to soothe one's conscience. & it was the end of a hectic day & I had not eaten dinner yet. & IMHO it's not very nice to use other pple's meeting rooms as your own after office hours. Thanks for putting up with my complaining ;-)
re: Guard Duty clerk 11:25 pm saturday may 4, 2002 well...from a clerk's point of view...there is only "duty clerk" to kena.....and that entails first in (0700 hrs if you are in mindef thats a bitch because there is NO bus!!) and last out...whenever the last person decides to leave (believe me there are people who have absoultely no life and stay in the office to work!! DXOs i am talking about) and we normally only "sell" the locking up the last part for about 20- 30 dollars.....its alright since its only a two hours things (avg closing time is 8pm) but well this quarter is my rotation and *Sighz* haven't been compelled to sell any yet....convenience of a i just hang around and play with the internet...bleah...
re: Guard Duty whucarezz 6:47 pm wednesday may 1, 2002 its basic demand and supply, isnt it. think about the many that come from broken families who have no home to return to and nothing to look forward to when we blissfully book out everyday/week.. Pub hols - $100-200 Sat/Sun - $70-100 Weekday - $50
re: Guard Duty Johnny 4:50 pm tuesday april 30, 2002 i agree with your pts so nothing to add. but just for fun. lets compare guard duty prices amongst singapore camps shall we? hehe, in my camp we have so-called 'sign on' guard duty personnel. i.e people who simply dont give a damn to the value of civilian life and are willing to spend ALL their available book out time (when i say ALL i really mean ALL, including nights off too) to 'bao' guard duty for their fellow comrades for a nifty fee. 1.for starters, COS duty. $50 dollars to cover your ass while u go for nights off inclusive of next mornings roll call so you can come back really late and not worry about cocking up the roll call. 2.week day guard duty from 6PM to next day 8AM. price range: $70- 90 depending on how 'ah ga liao' you are with buyer. no worries on your sleeping time, total coverage of guard duty so you can 'cao keng' in bunk and not at the stinko guard room. 3.weekend (sat) 12PM - 8AM. $130-180 depending on wat period it is, if it is during 'nua' period price is of course lower. if its during preparation for ATEC and every week is 'kam puah' shaq and you really need the wkend to catch your forty winks then price is higher. 4.weekend (sun) 8AM-8AM $180-250 conditions are same as for SAT. price range dep a lot on the time period. 5.public hol 8AM-8AM $200-? the mother of all guard duties, why miss out on a chance to enjoy a breath of civilian air? especially one where the singapore govt has secifically depicted for the entire country to take a day off! for a 'small' price, your worries are gone. prices above are guard duty jobs. for COS duties, prices are generally lower for the simple reason that SAF doesnt think you need air condition while you are doing guard duty. on a diff note: personally i have once sold guard duty for $180 which was a painful experience and i vowed never to sell it ever again. i guess the 24hr missions and deprivation of sleep must have got to my head at that time. my 2 cents, so... FLAME ON! :-)
re: Guard Duty 10 11:26 pm monday april 29, 2002 i'm personally more for the first counterpoint. i guess it's just like applying for any other job, no obligations unless u choose to do it. if the poor guy really needs the money it doesn't seem to have much of a difference getting it from some legitimate company he works in or from someone rich enough to sell his duty. (and who ever said being rich ain't good?) in a way this practice is rather 'harmless', it perhaps doesn't accord with morals or something. as pointed out in your 2nd pt, i think that's a little overboard... such a problem would probably be (and ought to be) curbed before it reaches that stage i guess.
Guard Duty Data 10:49 pm monday april 29, 2002 Well I've heard of this black market of sorts in units where a person does guard duty for another for a fee, & we're not just talking about lunch money here. Just wondering how ethical this is. My considerations: Point: The richer can exploit the poorer because they can afford to 'sell' their duty whereas the latter can't. Counterpoint: It's not exploitation but a legitimate 'business' deal. Each side gets what it wants, & the poorer aren't compelled to do the duty for the richer. Point 2: The duty is supposed to be shared by everyone, which is why it's called a duty. Think if the richer could pay off the poorer to serve some of their NS for them! - a more exaggerated scenario. Counterpoint 2: The ideal duty is so, but so long as everyone's happy & the guarding gets done, what's the problem? I was wondering if anyone here has interesting points to contribute regarding this. Also: This is just an intellectual exercise; I'm not trying to criticise anyone for anything.

re: computer in guard room! Data 10:53 pm monday april 29, 2002 Eh I wonder if you guys have studied the guidelines regarding the I-Net PCs (yes, that's its name, & it's a silly one, not unlike the new names boards like A*Star are giving themselves these days) - the Internet access is MEANT to be for work-related research. But I wonder how many pple follow, or even believe, that. Oh well, happy surfing ;-)
re: computer in guard room! burpees 9:44 pm sunday april 28, 2002 oh we have one in our office.......its even wireless...infra red okay..they trying out this new system in mindef..totally professional...and you guessed it..not much work has been done since it arrived...its even a PIII computer..much better than the crap we use....
computer in guard room! Johnny 8:49 am sunday april 28, 2002 hello from the guard room! typing this on a sunday morning while doing guard duty, now not my shift so can relac one korner. anyway veli impressed by SAF since they installed this broadband windows 2000 desktop PC in the guard room. my hopes for SAF have risen :-)

re: The post ORD time. burpees 5:35 pm thursday april 25, 2002 becareful with the night driving...i got into my first banged sideways....heart pain siah....driving to camp is a bitch as well because they never let us get car labels and we have to "smuggle" ourselves in through varoius covet means....
re: The post ORD time. Data 11:02 pm tuesday april 23, 2002 Haha yeah kind of. There really aren't many surprises for me when I watch it (because I've watched it twice, duh), but it's a good show & I highly recommend it to everyone!
re: The post ORD time. whucarezz 7:05 pm tuesday april 23, 2002 aye data, summer snow showing on channel U leh, shiok right..
re: The post ORD time. whucarezz 7:02 pm tuesday april 23, 2002 touring is good, but cant go immediately when clearing leave cuz still gotta come back and collect IC.. m critical when it comes to NS.. m not critical when it comes to wrestling!!! steph macmahon is out of the wwf! no more boobs!!! how!!
re: The post ORD time. Johnny 3:41 pm tuesday april 23, 2002 deps wat u say is 'long term'. considering dad has given me a 1 yr probation period, tats my long term. long term to me = 1-2 yrs long term to u maybe? = the rest of ur life or something anyway most intersting thing? getting off the school bus when i was in primary 1 enroute home to buy teenage ninga tuttles steekers. lol p.s i shud state that this is ONE of my most interesting things done and whether interesting to u or not i dunno cos i notice there's someone ard here tat is especially ciritcal on wat is typed on the board, to me i tink no need to be so critical lah. just read and laugh. tats e best. :-)
re: The post ORD time. Data 9:23 pm monday april 22, 2002 (Driving at night is your LONG-term goal?! ) Eh university I guess. For now I think I'll go with the flow. This reminds me of the perennial question - what to do at the end of exams in November every school year. What's the most interesting thing anyone has done? It's about time I started a thread of my own, heh heh. ;-)
The post ORD time. Johnny 6:32 pm monday april 22, 2002 what u guys going to do when u ORD? IMMEDIATE,SHORT term and LONG term included. for me im going on a tour to US with my friends for immediate. then short term would be getting a job cos i always wanted to anyway then finally for long term im gonna work on dad letting me drive at night muhahahaha

re: question for our NS boys Data 10:46 pm thursday april 18, 2002 My 2 cents: Hah well in the office we often jokingly refer to the "Efficiency Medal" as the goal to work towards. Such a thing does exist, but I don't think NSFs are eligible. But more seriously, when you talk about mundane things like university admission, then I believe it is considered. Longer term: I'm of the view that if you're a successful citizen you can also be a successful NSman, because the qualities needed overlap e.g. the oft-cited leadership qualities. So I think the equation is reversed somewhat. A NSman displaying bravery? Maybe only in a war. On another note, my NS experience so far has certainly changed my outlook on life, more negatively than not.
re: question for our NS boys Data 10:48 pm friday april 19, 2002 For me, the rank represents how much tough training one went through, & maybe how much allowance one is getting . What one is like as a person could turn out to be quite different. & anyway if one hankers over rank so much, then one should sign on & make it one's career :-)
re: question for our NS boys whucarezz 5:54 pm friday april 19, 2002 Unless you are a SAFOS,LMS,etc, you know you just wanna SAF - Serve And F off... kit kat matters for 2.5 years, after that, who gives a hoot?? my PES E fren who ORDED called my major by his name.."AYE MONG SOON AH!" Moral of the Story Learnt from others in my unit: "Bo Geng Bo Zho Bing"! "Bo Geng Bo Zho Bing"! "Bo Geng Bo Zho Bing"!
re: question for our NS boys Johnny 2:32 pm friday april 19, 2002 nonono wat i mean is are people, (inc ur friends) going to look at u diff just bec u never had kit kats on ur shoulders or maybe 3 or more satay sticks on ur arm?
re: question for our NS boys whucarezz 8:10 pm thursday april 18, 2002 what do u tink u r getting..? the Purple Heart?!
question for our NS boys Johnny 4:18 pm thursday april 18, 2002 does your NS achievements aid u in your later working life? be it rankwise, special achievements, awards for bravery, blah blah blah

alumni   burpees   9:45 pm sunday april 14, 2002
its a really cool page...kudos to rjc for making that 
website..rather impressed that they made that for us to keep in you don't need to search for that misplaced batch 
directory...go there and update your profile... 

re: hihi   whucarezz   9:27 pm tuesday april 16, 2002
yea wrestlemania was downright letdown..what happened to the 
usual WWF plot twists and turns and surprises which fans are 
willing to pay hundreds to watch?!

Starting with the hard core championship we have pple chasing one 
another, we have ric flair old man chasing undertaker and we have 
the rock shaking hands with hulk hogan!! who wants to see peace 
and respect in WWF?! 

we have a downright boring undisputed champion title match..steph 
macmahon seems to got herself surgically enhanced, but her roles 
in matches seems to have mellowed, the days of triple H pulling 
her hot pants off have gone...did you catch that episode?

got carried away, nothing turns me on than a good wrestling 

re: hihi   burpees   9:41 pm sunday april 14, 2002
you got a problem with burp? what you gonna do? what you gonna do?
what you gonna do when you smell what BURP is burping? *lets out 
a roar and rips his shirt*

wrestlemania overdose...which was a letdown just for the record..

ah well...beautiful mind was a good least its gives 
hope to people who don't make it to the cambridges,oxfords and 
princetons of this world...maybe we aren't mad enough to get 
there...(sour grapes) anyway..cheers to everyone having exams... 
its been a long time...cheers to everyone going to bmt.. left toe 
right toe keep up the we go again..same old shit 
again...lalalalala.....ord loh...

64 weekends to you smell what ORD is cooking? 

re: hihi wowswoofer 6:49 pm sunday april 14, 2002 *expletive* who is burp? oh dear ... hihi how come everyone has exams at the same time regardless of international differences. Apparently april is a good time to have exams huh? And how come everyone also going for BMT recourse at about the same time ... april/may also a good time for BMT recourse hehe. go update ur details at =)
<10bockquote> re: hihi Data 11:09 pm sunday april 14, 2002 Would I be abused & assaulted if I said I didn't believe in luck? Hahaha... So I'll encourage everyone to put in their best then :-) AHEM I am not delusional, thank you very much. I'm merely being transferred to a better place. At least, that's what I hope. IMHO "A Beautiful Mind" isn't that great a movie. The conclusion was all Hollywood schmaltz, the 'triumph of the human spirit' crap that they regularly hawk. I don't mean to take anything away from the real Dr. Nash's achievements, but the movie just twists his story for its own purposes. <9blockquote> re: hihi wowswoofer 6:52 pm sunday april 14, 2002 sheeesh forgot to wish everyone good luck ... and i dunno whether to even say esp. for the BMT people cos now come to think of it exams also quite shiong ... but good luck ... okay ... esp. to the BMT people ... and also to Data who *uh-ehmm* once again is in a delusion that he has offended some upper level in the defence hierarchy btw has anyone watched A Beautiful Mind ... *this has no relation to what I said about Data above whatsoever*
re: hihi whucarezz 4:40 pm sunday april 14, 2002 going for recourse soon too........
<7blockquote>re: hihi burp 2:46 pm sunday april 14, 2002 is it that bad? oh wellz...sitting tight..waiting for bmt recourse..which hopefully never i need some clerk in CPC to massively screw up...yay...looking forward to understudy jan 03....its down to the last 64 weekends...*burp* <6blockquote>re: hihi Data 10:10 pm friday april 12, 2002 Aiyah I screwed up too much & probably didn't fit into the shoes of my "upperstudy." & my boss is quite difficult to work for. Oh well. <5blockquote> re: hihi whucarezz 7:31 pm friday april 12, 2002 how come post out?
re: hihi Data 10:04 pm tuesday april 9, 2002 Actually I only suggested that there may be nothing to say; NOT "oh well since I obnoxiously think there's nothing to say then everyone should shut up." If anyone misunderstood, sorry. Rahul & NUS & NTU & SMU(?) folks: Good luck for your exams! My world: Sometime soon I'll be posted out - I really hope to some other unit in Mindef :-) - so I'll keep the NSFs who read this in the loop. ORD loh! Data.
re: hihi Rahul 5:22 pm tuesday april 9, 2002 my side of the world is nothing different. studying for my math, economics and computer science midterms (partied for three straight nights last weekend, so struggling now !!) :( how is everyone doing ? cheers - R.
re: hihi Johnny 8:27 am tuesday april 9, 2002 ok since 10 say got exams and zy say nuttin to tok about then let me congratulate all who made it so far to taste exams without dropping out and wish u best of luck hopefully topping the class
re: hihi Data 1:04 am tuesday april 9, 2002 I don't really want to say this but could it be that we've kind of lost touch with one another? It just seems that there's nothing very interesting to share about our lives these days (halfway mark of NSF life notwithstanding) Well does anyone have anything to talk about to refute that? Gee this is like me challenging you all, haha...
re: hihi 10 11:31 pm monday april 8, 2002 EXAMS!!!
hihi Johnny 10:24 pm monday april 8, 2002 hihi how come no one post nowadays liaoz ah?

Soccer match at NTU 16th March   wan ting   5:28 pm saturday march 9, 2002

There will be an NTU vs NUS soccer match at NTU next Sat.
This is orgd by the Institution of Engineers Singapore.
Each team comprises of a max of 7 people, and can be mixed or 
boys or gals.
Application procedure very simple: you just need to inform me of 
number of people and T-shirt size.
Benefits: Free one-way transport from NUS to NTU, free T shirt, 
free refreshments and prizes to be won, free goodie bags if sign 
up fast.

So why wait...spend your Sat playing meaningful soccer and get 
to know more people!


seeya~!   Peiming   2:20 am monday february 25, 2002
Hi pple, haven't talked to all of you for a long time. just to 
keep all of you informed, i'll be leaving for my training trip 
tomorrow... will be back on 24th April.... 2 months of sailing 
in the Landing Ship Tank, gonna have a great time puking in the 
indian ocean. Have fun all of you, i'll tell u about my trip 
when i come back. Seeay~! 

re: Chinese New Year   stagmont tpt sup   11:04 pm thursday february 14, 2002
how does sat sound?
maybe meet for dinner?

Chinese New Year   mindef clerk   11:05 pm saturday february 9, 2002
Anyone want to meet up for new year? Maybe crash someone's house 
or something on one of the holidays. Haven't met each other in 
ages. I guess it will be fun. 


THE website for friendship day/Vday   wanting   11:59 pm tuesday february 5, 2002 
Ecards with story line and flash. definitely more creative than 
the commercial ones.

The USC has organised a bash:

                      “Love tempts, Love Bites”

                        a bash at Club Eden

                     on the 26th February 2002

                    (Tuesday of the term break)

Tickets are priced at $15 each, inclusive of 2 free drinks. Feel 
free to contact me for any tickets.  

re: Buy roses?   flower boy   9:25 pm thursday january 24, 2002
HMMM Why does Flower Boy sense competition ... *sniff sniff* ... 

Buy roses?   wanting   6:51 pm tuesday january 22, 2002
Vday is coming soon, and i'm selling roses. Here are the prices:

all roses stated below are from India and are packed nicely. Add 
$10 for delivery, except for the 12 roses package. Remember 
these are Vday prices. If without delivery, then can self collect
at a florist shop which will be revealed if i see orders.

1 rose+wrap: $3
1 rose+babybreath+wrap: $5.50
3 roses: $35
6 roses: $45
12 roses: $70

If any of you manage to sell these flowers to your friends, esp 
those in NS, i'll give you a 10% commission, regardless of how 
many pp you intro to me.
All transactions in cash pls ie order and pay concurrently. 

re: (no subject)   Data   10:30 pm friday january 11, 2002
Hmm who is this? 

(no subject)   ord oh   8:59 pm friday january 11, 2002
Hows everyone doing? Let's meet up one of these days. Sorry i 
couldn't make it for the last one. Had to go watch Ben Hurr. Its 
an alright production. Oh well. HOpe you guys are having fun 
wherever and whatever you are doing.

Take Care.

Ord Personnel

P.S. 78 weekends to the end of the tunnel 

Jiayan's back!   ding   11:55 pm wednesday january 2, 2002
Hey pple Jiayan's back and I'll be going out with her for a 
movie and mebbe dinner on Sat (5/1/02). those who can and wanna 
join us are absolutely welcome. details to be confirmed later. 
check your emails! 

Happy New Year eOne   2002 2:38 am tuesday january 1, 2002

re: Happy Bdae Yix   Yix   10:30 pm tuesday january 1, 2002
haha thanks man...happy new year everyone =)
1.5 years more to ORD! 

Happy Bdae Yix   Rahul   8:14 pm monday december 31, 2001
Happy Birthday Yix. hope you are having a good time.

for the rest of you, wishing you all a very happy new year ahead 
of you.

re: Lord of the RIngs   mindef   9:32 pm friday december 28, 2001
they took so long to build up the story and background for this make the next part comprehensible they are going to have 
to spend a significant amount of time in explaining stuff again 
to a certain extent..its going to get cliche after a while..but 
the graphics were really WOW!!! the movie...haven't seen 
any collectibles around..know where i can get an LOTR mouse pad? 

re: Lord of the RIngs   Data   1:08 pm friday december 28, 2001
Mr. Oxford?? Anyway I think it can - some movies have endings 
even more inconclusive than LOTR: TFOTR. It's about how the 
Fellowship came together & braved numerous dangers - only to 
split up for the moment! Hahaha.

Of course not, or consumers like us won't have the time to 
collect the books, deluxe sets, action figures, BK meals, maps of 
Middle Earth etc. etc. :-) 

re: Lord of the RIngs   back for LOTR   10:23 pm thursday december 27, 2001
Yeah but the ending means that the movie cannot exist on it's 
own ... itz alwaez condemned to be part of the trilogy ... SIGH 

re: Lord of the RIngs   Data   1:16 pm wednesday december 26, 2001
You must not be disappointed at the ending! It is only the sign 
of better things to come (I hope). This movie is only the first 
of the trilogy, so for the continuation of the story we'll have 
to wait till Christmas 2002.

& yes it was a good show. Got a sense of why the Tolkien craze is 
so widespread. 

Lord of the RIngs   mindef   11:11 pm saturday december 22, 2001
The story goes....

oopps...hehz..i watch it already...caught a sneak on wednesday 
night..its 180 minutes of good stuff..althought you will get 
disappointed at the end nonetheless..okay thats as much as i am 
going to give away without having to land up in a heap on the 
floor like a beaten dog. Do go watch it...especially fantasy 
starved people..its way better than Dungeons and 

Santa Claus
Ho HO HO!! 

Can also   wanting   10:51 am saturday december 22, 2001

re: bleah   Data   10:09 pm thursday december 20, 2001
I can make it - who else? 

re: bleah   yix   8:22 pm thursday december 20, 2001
so are we gonna watch LOTR together? maybe we could this 
sat...anyone game? 

re: bleah   Data   1:19 pm thursday december 20, 2001
There have been very good reviews of it. I wonder how Johnny the 
Tolkien fan is feeling now - overjoyed? 

re: bleah   wanting   7:28 am tuesday december 18, 2001
How about watching Lord of the Rings? It'll be late in the month. 

re: bleah   Yix   6:23 pm sunday december 9, 2001
so when's the outing, and who's planning?
i think someone has to step out and suggest
something before we actually get an outing
done...just asking for one isn't gonna work
out =) 
(and nah i don't have any ideas)


bleah   mindef   10:39 pm saturday december 8, 2001
Its the christmas season HO! HO! HO!
anyone up for an outing? we have been talking about it for 
ages...lets get our butts moving...Up!Up!Up!
okay...that was tiring....anyway
hope to see you guys soon..


(no subject)   keith   8:53 pm friday november 30, 2001
hi guys, when was the last time we met up with one another?  i 
am in Dave's friendly and lovely house once again.  maybe an 
outing in jan before everybody is busy again?

merry christmas!!!!! 

re: (no subject) qwt 9:44 pm thursday november 29, 2001 will be freer after Christmas... mid dec busiest for me
(no subject) mindef 6:03 pm tuesday november 27, 2001 we need an outing here......... preferably mid dec.... how'z everyone's schedule like? keith will be in hong kong i know for one..

exam over   qwt   9:58 pm friday november 23, 2001
Exams are finally over... got know companies wishing to sell 
things in NUS must tell me...

meanwhile, hope the 'new' economic plan works... 

re: gathering   Data   9:38 pm friday november 30, 2001
So it seems that the exams are over. Congrats to all who have 
successfully braved through them, with flying colours I hope :-) 
So, how about the gathering? 

re: gathering   11   2:49 pm saturday november 24, 2001

re: gathering   10   4:22 pm thursday november 22, 2001
that's why i said *most* pple! =) 

re: gathering   11   10:02 pm saturday november 17, 2001
i thought law had no exams? 

re: gathering   10   10:41 pm wednesday november 14, 2001
yupyup nus sch term ends on 24th nov...till then itz exam fever 
for *most* pple!  

re: gathering   Data   0:40 am wednesday november 7, 2001
It's OK for me. I thought the exams are still on. 

gathering   Yix   9:55 pm tuesday november 6, 2001
anyone feel up to a gathering this sat (payday) or next?

(no subject)   ntu bash committee   7:04 pm thursday november 1, 2001
anyone interested in going for the bash at grease?
15 a tix...7 - 10 entrance
see you there! 

(no subject)   f4   7:02 pm thursday november 1, 2001
pei wo qi kan liu xing yu ;) 

re: METEOR GARDEN   ding   9:00 pm wednesday october 31, 2001

METEOR GARDEN   Come What May ...   6:02 pm wednesday october 31, 2001
i do assumne ur meteor garden is the one wif hsu and F4?
izzit nice? 

re: another *bish*bash* coming up!   ding   4:22 pm thursday november 1, 2001
nah, dun worry about it... it's just a Taiwanese show starring 4 
very cute guys that's very big in Singapore rite now 

re: another *bish*bash* coming up!   Rahul   10:28 am thursday november 1, 2001
hey ding, california is pretty impressive. this place is full of 
immigrants, so it isnt like some of the white dominant states. 
(not that i am complaining about them)
anyway, halloween seems to be pretty big here.. our dorms are 
completely decorated and ppl on the streets are moving around in 
all their "scary" costumes. today this guy came into our 
computing leture in a "neanderthal mans" costume. was pretty 
btw, whats this meteor garden all about.. ?!? 

re: another *bish*bash* coming up!   ding   0:07 am wednesday october 31, 2001
yo rahul, nice to hear from you, how's California? do they really 
celebrate Halloween over there? 
and anyway, i'm pleased to announce that my exams are over!!! 
which means i dun have to do battle with books for the next two 
months... and i can enjoy my meteor garden! yay...  

re: another *bish*bash* coming up!   rahul   5:38 pm tuesday october 30, 2001
sighz.. i wish i could go.
anyway, how is everyone doing ? havenlt heard from most of you 
guys in ages. 

another *bish*bash* coming up!   zzzzhenyi   11:45 am tuesday october 30, 2001

for all the cheongsters out there:

my hall, which is not just any hall, but KENT RIDGE HALL (they 
drill tt into us a gadzillion times during orientation) is 
having something on at CHINA BLACK 19 DEC WED NITE $14 for 2 
drinks. i don't know much about the event except it'll be 
happening. harrrharr..kayz i dunno abt tt but i always believe 
that the place doesn't matter it's the people whom you go with. 
so you guys can always make it happening yes yes?

yupz so if you guys are remotely interested, can email/sms/icq 
me k? thanx for ur attention... 

re: (no subject)   yix   7:38 pm saturday october 27, 2001
i think i can go to mindef to twang for orientation if you 2 want 
to meet me lor...awaiting replies 

re: (no subject)   Johnny   1:03 pm saturday october 27, 2001
My bad.

The common mistake is to think that the entire hill is the MINDEF 
camp, apparently it consists of various camps including the 5 SIR 
one. Btw, the arcade machines there are seriously out of date. LOL 

re: (no subject)   mindef clerk   11:52 am saturday october 27, 2001
there is no pool in mindef
the nearest pool is in 5 SIR
and its not very accessible nowadays to us
now that they have closed various entrances to cut the inflow of 

but the balachan fried rice at the gombak mess next to the 
swimming pool is really try it...;) 

re: (no subject)   Johnny   6:46 pm friday october 26, 2001
ziyuan and david.. i'll be visiting mindef for the entire month 
of nov. swimming pool for the inter formation water polo matches. 
somemore right smack next to the canteen. 


(no subject)   whu   7:52 pm thursday october 25, 2001
ziyuan and david..i'll be visting mindef on 1st 2 
something for the NQCC coaching lessons by Mr John Man. somemore 
right smack during lunch time 1130 to 1400hrs.

re: New Outing   me again   7:51 pm monday october 29, 2001
heyo everyone yix here again...just thought i'd
post an update to anyone who i worried by being
suicidal last week (i really was suicidal, btw)
like err...eugene, david and especially my darling
xinning...i'm feeling alotalot better now, God is
good and i'm actually thanking Him for sending
me here into this's still a very bad
environment but i'm alot happier now =) in case
you were all wondering i just got hit my a 
spiritual revelation and i'm really happy and
thankful haha...sorry i'm rambling...take care
everyone and keep in touch, esp about any future
outings =)


re: New Outing   yix   7:36 pm saturday october 27, 2001
yeps still tpt sup...i'm at stagmont now at choa chu kang...turns 
out they rejected the guy who ojt at stagmont cuz he was an indian 
and they're racist, so cpc did a direct exchange and sent the 
indian to navy and me to stagmost
totally sucks my MTO is from YJC and BRAINLESS 

re: New Outing   whu   8:04 pm thursday october 25, 2001
where u end up. y suddenly post out. still tpt sup right. 

re: New Outing   Johnny   7:17 pm wednesday october 24, 2001
That bad huh? 

re: New Outing   java_compiler   10:12 pm tuesday october 23, 2001
DoNothing         //imnotgoingtofailimnotgoingtofailimnotgoing...
   public static void main (String [] args) {
      boolean examsHaventStart = true;

      System.out.println("Hi everyone, I also don't know what to 
      System.out.println("Class gathering after exams is fine 
with mE sui bian sui bian sui bian.");

      while (examsHaventStart) {
          b4ILoseMySanity(String examStress);
} //end of class 

re: New Outing   Johnny   2:12 pm tuesday october 23, 2001
Welcome to the club. 

re: New Outing   Ex-navy seal   8:30 pm monday october 22, 2001
i just got posted to a fuckin stay in unit today...damn damn damn 
pissed i feel like jumping or slitting my wrists or something...if 
i don't, i'll be free to join you all sat nights only...if i do 
then byebye you all


re: New Outing   Data   0:32 am thursday october 18, 2001
Well that's a good idea, since it's been, what, 2 months since we 
had a class outing? But I suggest we keep it simple, go for 
dinner or even a karaoke session, as Mr. Mindef suggests. 

re: (no subject)   me,myself and i   12:52 pm wednesday october 17, 2001
finally......hearing some real human response to 
activities.....anyone up for a karaoke session or 
something......i guess our manning now is quite low what with all 
those who have left us...(sounds so morbid) anyway....lets get 
something exciting up.....oh look.....there goes another chopper 
over my house....i feel really safe now.......protecting your 
skies......Republic of Singapore Air Force......only the 
best......bleah.....*ditter* been on one week mc.....bored!!!!

Mindef Clerk

(no subject)   zhenyi   4:33 pm tuesday october 16, 2001
yoz everyone, wassup. i hear the NTU pple r having their exams 
like now, GOOD LUCK TO ALL! mine starts mid november..but i'm 
super duper busy with projects (got 3 due in the next one wk and 
i barely started..), hall sh*t and my work which has accumulated 
in the last few weeks...

anyway guess we should have an outing real soon, how about last 
week of nov when all exams have ended. it's really bad for me 
cos now my life has been reduced to home, hall, hall, hall, 
home, hall. even the people around me are all my hall mates. i'm 
not complaining but it does mean i've been sidelining too many 

okiez..everytime i post a msg it ends up as lines and lines of 
crap. sorry guys. yeah so someone org something. thanks. =)
have fun, take care... 

sigh   no. 11   7:32 pm sunday october 14, 2001
anything up lately peeps? kinda boring don't ya think? Let's 
make some noise......~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ bleep....bleep! 

re: (no subject)   mahathirhasabiggermo   12:25 pm tuesday october 16, 2001
hahaha.......i am going to send some mighty good anthrax bacteria 
your way....muahahahaha.... 

re: (no subject)   tonyblairhasabigmout   6:16 am monday october 15, 2001
and im waging war on my homecooked chicken thigh *slurp* HAHA 

re: (no subject)   ding   10:32 pm sunday october 14, 2001
yeah rite... i'm waging war on my textbook... hiyah! 

Sigh.   Data   9:32 pm saturday october 13, 2001

(no subject)   Sfouisltualistenwlzi   1:06 pm saturday october 13, 2001
War is coming...war is here...we are all dead!!! RUN FOR YOUR 

-Anonymous soothsayer 

re: Congrats Peiming.   Poser   3:17 pm friday december 7, 2001
I am waiting for that to happen too.. 
That will be bigger than anything the world has ever seen !!

My finals are in a weeks time :(  somebody help me. 

re: Congrats Peiming.   whu   9:40 pm friday october 26, 2001
hey i wrote chiu chan & choraria in your autorgraph book 
too..mark my words man... 

Congrats Peiming.   poser   4:44 am saturday october 13, 2001
oh my gawd.. i just found out about peiming.. remember reading 
in my autograph book where peiming wrote "watch me win the gold 
at the SEA games".. and it actually happened.. congratulations 
peiming. (sorry, this is even later than jiayans message !!)

how is everyone esle doing ? 

China Jump   Johnny   5:52 pm wednesday october 3, 2001
Hi everyone!

There's a NUS event coming up on 13th October held at China 
Jump. Heard its a kinda bash and tickets are up for it. Anyone 


re: Very late congratulations..:)   Spinnaker   11:36 pm saturday september 29, 2001
Hello treasurer...

wow, it's quite exciting to be in US now rite... i'm sure all the 
emotions running wild must be very very strong yah. 

Oh, dun need to run around and tell everyone u noe me lah.. juz 
tell the pretty girls can oredi. and give them my number k! 

okok, gotta go now.
Good luck for ur studies and take care.


Very late congratulations..:)   Yan   2:08 pm thursday september 27, 2001
Hiyo everyone! :)
Heh..haven't come here for a long time liaoz.
First and foremost, congrats, Peiming!! Very belated, i'm sorry 
to say, but only just found out.., and oh yah, happy belated 
birthday too..:)
Really proud of you! :) Heh....ran around telling pple that my 
classmate actually is a SEA gold medallist...wah!! :)
Anyway, here in US, it seems to be more hectic over there in 
Singapore, than here, in my little area at Urbana-Champaign..the 
noise has pretty much died down over here..though when the 
incident happened, it was so distressful seeing all the channels 
showing the same thing that happened to WTC..but it was very 
touching, how the Americans are trying all ways to help the 
victims..reading their news almost brought tears to my eyes, 
even though i was not an american..
one interesting news we got however was that we have major 
supercomputers here at our campus, which control the internet, 
and it is hidden in the basement of one of our research 
building..that building is the sixth on a list of most likely to 
be bombed by terrorists places in US..:P..
got some Americans here pretty scared that the terrorists would 
turn to us when that news got out...:P..


re: Birthday Party   Spinnaker   9:15 pm monday september 24, 2001
nahhh..... it's okay. it wasn't tat exciting anyway.. u didn't 
miss much lah. okok, see you some other time... 

re: Birthday Party   Yix   8:05 pm saturday september 22, 2001
heyo peiming sorry i couldn't be there, i had night training that 
day =|  anyhow xinning doesn't read this board so i think i'll 
pass a msg for her, she said congrats when i told her about your 
gold so gratz! =) and she didn't know you were flying back the 
same day she was flying off either. yupyup cya around =) have a 
great OCS term man!


re: Birthday Party   Johnny   6:10 pm wednesday september 19, 2001
Win gold still so humble siaz. 

Birthday Party   Peiming   2:08 am wednesday september 19, 2001
Hi classmates!!! Yupz, i finally got my piece of gold medal 
which i've slogged for, the past 9 months. Feels really good to 
stand on top of the podium and holding the state flag. Thanks 
for all of ur support or help in any way.

Now, i've got an invitation open to all of u. A bit late to 
inform u all though coz i was still in malaysia. Apologies.
(and if Xinning is reading this, sorry, i didn't know u were 
flying off on the day i come back... seeya soon)

Date: 20/09/2001
Venue: NUS Block AS3 (AS= Arts and social science) Rooftop
Time: 6.30-10.30
Attire: casual
How to go there: Take bus to Kent Ridge Terminal and walk up / 
Take 96 from Clementi int. stop at the first stop once it enters 
NUS / Ask Zhenyi!

It's actually a combine b-day party wif my sister, she is 
turning 21. Dun need to buy her present lah, hahaha, just for me 
can oredi...

Okah, hope to see many of u that night...  

re: (no subject)   Johnny   5:39 pm tuesday september 18, 2001
To nostradamus a.k.a *i-can-predict-when-i-will-pee-next*

1. no longer OOC
2. playing water polo for Commandos
3. on route to getting red beret 

(no subject)   nostradamus   6:59 pm monday september 17, 2001
are you still a commando johnny? or are you ooc? 

re: SEA games/war games   yix   8:10 pm saturday september 22, 2001
who's this ar? =P
why do you ppl like to post using the obscurest of names so people 
can't recognise who you are? never sign off your 
identity such an embarassment? *grinz*


re: SEA games/war games   mad-about-CNN   10:47 pm tuesday september 18, 2001
mad-about-CNN hazznt been online for the past week following 
stupid "metal birds" crashing into "metal trees" and infruriating 
bushes a few miles away ...

MOST IMPORTANTLY ... okay US is impt, BUT GOLDEN BOY is somehow 
closer to home and the heart. congrats PM ... hehe so which 
restaurant are we gonna hear you "talk to (us) about"?

anywaez ... woah yix makes the commando and plb thing sound 
realli exciting ... for the pple in hougang itz a somewhat more 
deafening experience. 

itz so satisfying to see sunday times obliterate 
the "nostradamus" fiasco ... but itz noteworthy that NY is the 
target of not just terrorist attacks from big bad osama, but 
terrifying predictions from good old nostra. go read ... haha itz 
quite farni (and A.I. actually got some idea from one of the 
predictions ... gosh itz quite uncomfortably funny to hear pple 
exclaim in unison when the Twin Towers appear in A.I. screen)

i felt very terrified ... struck dumb when i saw those two things 
that i remember staring into the sky at and losing eugene lai at 
some subway station under COLLAPSING ... the plane crashing was 
surreal ... the darned thing falling down was too much for me ... 
i feel quite sad ... as though im american. BUT having sed 
that ... they deserve some smacking ... things dont happen in 
your backyard you dunno watz been happening ard the world (altho 
admittedly you got the worst of terrorism) sadly i hafta say the 
terror consummates with the erstwhile-arrogance of the victim. 
civilians are innocent, but the govt cannot shirk indirect blame. 
SO HOW? distract the world by BEING MORE ARROGANT and ONCE AGAIN 
threatening to bomb the stone and ice ages out of afghanistan ... 
and so wat do afghanis have to do wif the terrorists? just as new 
yorkers had nothing to do wif wat the terrorists wanted to 
achieve? in the end the most innocent pple are the new yorkers 
and the soon-to-be-suffering afghanis ... 

re: SEA games/war games   Data   11:37 pm monday september 17, 2001
So I demonstrate some concern for the pple who died or were 
injured or affected, & whether our normally peaceful Singapore 
will be affected, & I get dissed. Sigh.

Our govt's main concern seems to be that pple don't think that 
Muslims in general are at fault - it's the work of madmen. OK, 
tick, I get that. & the PSC scholars are OK. Yup, tick.

;-) (apologies, couldn't resist)

So security seems to be beefed up, just not that obviously at 
Mindef. That's good, really - I was beginning to have doubts.

Btw the Nostradamus thing IS a hoax. After this event everybody 
is proclaiming WWIII, Apocalypse etc. Seeing that the Chinese 
media especially seem to value their opinions, I call on 
Nostradamus scholars & astrologers & other soothsayers to form 
some institution that specialises in predicting such disasters, 
natural or otherwise. Then maybe they can do sth MUCH greater 
than cheating pple of their money & time. 

re: SEA games/war games   zhenyi   2:37 pm monday september 17, 2001
the best way to feel like nothing significant is happening is to 
stay in a hall in NUS. i'm happily cocooned in NUS and really, 
there isn't any talk anymore abt wat's going on in US, so much so 
the truth only really sinks in when i go home and watch the news 
on TV, read the newspapers etc. OR i meet ziyuan on icq and he 
philosophises abt the event, reality bites.

anyway, congrats to mr.chung for his gold medal,"one of the 
happiest faces in the crowd" when's the treat?  

re: SEA games   Johnny   8:50 am monday september 17, 2001
Oh noooo the whole is coming to an end!

quick grab whatever you have and jump into space 

re: SEA games   Yix   7:52 am monday september 17, 2001
My friend's dad is a commando training officer and i heard from 
him that commandos (proper ones not those who OOC cuz of a pimple 
*grinz*) got recalled and are on standby now...also fighter jets 
in paya lebar air base are taking off and landing every few 
minutes...radar sweep done there every 15 min (my friend's hp 
reception gets cut off for 10 seconds every 15 min when the radar 
is on) STTS there was a recall siren on saturday during my 
training i think they were putting the vehicles there on 
standby...i heard sembawang air base is on standby too since 
s'pore's only has 4 VTOL aircraft and all 4 are there.  yeps, i 
believe that it's much more than just a few more MPs at the gates.
this is like serious lor everyone get ready to evacuate.

on a side note, got this email from a friend, wilson shold have 
gotten it's prolly just a hoax, but pretty scary to read 
as well that someone predicted this incident (this is just a 
reading tidbit so ziyuan please don't start contradicting or 
flaming this with your extended knowledge of philosophy *grinz*) 
All seperate quotes, but put together it kinda refers obviously to 
the recent happenings in the US, no? Especially the one with the 
date on it.

This is what is written in Nostradamus 1654:

"In the City of God there will be a great thunder, two brothers 
torn apart by chaos, while the fortress endures, the great leader 
will succumb."

"The third big war will begin when the big city is burning." 

"on the 11th day of the 9 month that...two metal birds would crash
into two tall the new city... and the world will end 
soon after"
         - Nostradamus 1654
(I believe this quote also features in the 80's movie "The Man who 
saw tommorow", reg the predictions of Nostradamous).. 

re: SEA games   mindef clerk   6:54 pm monday september 17, 2001
ay i did the 7km fun run ....*Grinz*.....

re: SEA games   Johnny   12:40 pm sunday september 16, 2001
There def. is more security around camp thesedays what with the 
bag checks and all. But i dunno about you guys but im totally 
tired now after the army half marathon. Lucky guys from MINDEF 
and navy dont have to run. heh 

re: SEA games   Data   1:50 am sunday september 16, 2001
PM's victory is great news - way to go man!

Heightened security - I'm not really sure about that. I mean, I 
work in our equivalent of the Pentagon, & the heightened security 
seems to translate to just a few more MPs at the gates. But I 
grant that they could have tweaked other things behind the 
scenes. Comments from other NSFs? 

re: SEA games   pte ryan   9:56 pm saturday september 15, 2001
i finally know a sea games champion personally..woohoo!!
can i have your autograph?

Its tough isn't it the American incident. But i suppose it would 
have been kinda good if we were having our As. there might be a 
postphonement. Okay that was on the lighter side of things. 
Imagine all the political impacts that would affect our history 
papers and perspectives. *gasp*. oh well rattling again. Even 
singapore is highly affected by it. All army units have increased 
security greatly and many people are on standby. Looks like we 
are in for a long ride. 

Condolences to the people who perish.  

SEA games   ding   7:24 pm saturday september 15, 2001
hi pple, in a week of regret i bring good news. Peiming has won 
the SEA games gold in KL. Not bad huh? Congrats Peiming!:) 

re: Removal of Message   Johnny   12:16 pm saturday september 15, 2001
Way to go chap. Unfortunate that such a thing could happen. 

Removal of Message   Data   0:10 am saturday september 15, 2001
I removed a message yesterday that I thought offensive & 
inappropriate in the light of recent events. Don't know what to 
say, really - perhaps that we being so far away, some of us 
think we can be 'bochap' about it & just leave it to the govt to 
issue condolences. Let's think of those who perished & their 
loved ones & refrain from such puerile stunts. Thanks. 

 re: woah how long have i been away?   10   1:13 am saturday september 15, 2001
eh biz ad where got good...i eat there practically everyday...itz 
infiltrated with law guys too, they aren't very good either, but 
law really got *a lot* of chio bus, u sit in LT up down left 
right sure got a few to catch your eye, and that keeps u pretty 
occupied for the rest of the lecture (even if u're a girl...hehe) 
cuz they are obviously more interesting than OHP screens......

and peiming: got 1.82m tall model in my tutorial group, 
interested or not =P 

re: woah how long have i been away?   cheeky boy   9:42 pm thursday september 13, 2001
*points excitedly at eric* !!!! *jumps up and down*!!! 

re: woah how long have i been away?   Johnny   5:44 pm tuesday september 11, 2001
*wonders when Zhenyi is ever gonna stop looking and start 

re: woah how long have i been away?   zhenyi   10:20 pm monday september 10, 2001
yeah i heard that biz ad is full of goodlookers..chiobus and that there's so many exchange students, my source 
tells me there's a cute jap guy in biz ad!! but sorry it's a case 
of look but no action for me so why on earth should i take a CFM 
in SOC? not worth it! =) 

re: woah how long have i been away?   shanday   2:18 am sunday september 9, 2001
ahaha see also cannot? posessive eh? keke...

anyway... girls! go biz ad if u wanna see yandaos! i went to the 
canteen the other day and hehe not bad siah~! don't try SoC 
unless u wanna get China/Vietnam/Indonesia citizenship. hey! but 
there's a Mauritius guy who's quite cute looking, in SoC... but 
that's about all? hmm... ok but i must say SoC pple are helpful 
and friendly... well..most of them, like ME wahahaha

come take cfm in SoC! hehe computing pple computing pple! come 
take program methodology! i heard the kfc is going to change to 
Macs liao wor... 

re: woah how long have i been away?   whu   10:15 pm friday september 7, 2001
NO..cannot touch cannot see.... 

woah how long have i been away?   zhenyi   1:58 pm sunday september 2, 2001
hi guys...

yeah sorrys for not being able to make it to the last class 
outing. hall life = no life. i don't even have time for my 
family. actually now i have no good reason, but becos i spent 
the whole of yesterday playing and watching movies, i gotta stay 
back on a sunday to finish up my work! argh. 

in reply to the peiming applying sunblock thing, gosh, u all 
have the memory of an elephant! or is it turtle? never mind, 
where was he during my interblk games then? even if he 
were around, no thanks..DIY still the best. and abt arts having 
many chiobus, i think law puts up a good fight too, i mean they 
have melanie chng and our dearest CT rep there right? 
unfortunately both r already taken so..hmm. see only lah huh.

oh darn, sorry for rambling on. yah so, if anyone wanna drop by 
to take a look at my room, icq/msg me the mean time, ttfn. 
take care guys. 

re: Subject? who needs em...   Johnny   3:48 pm wednesday august 29, 2001
Im pretty busy these days, maybe one of these wkends?  

re: Subject? who needs em...   Data   10:00 am monday august 27, 2001
Hello, yes it's been pretty quiet - everybody's busy mugging or getting 
offs eh? ANyway what about the Star Wars 'Art of Episode 1' book, Johnny? 
How can I let you see it? 

Subject? who needs em...   Johnny   9:39 pm saturday august 25, 2001
hi guys, surfing around the net now quite bored... (why they 
call it surf anyway? sounds good so i shall let it rest.)

anyway it sounds pretty quiet around here so here i am making 
*noise*... *duh*... lol ok

anyway go listen to staind "its been awhile" its on their new 
album "break the cycle" cool stuff... 

Autograph Book   Johnny   4:21 pm saturday july 28, 2001

still havent received any news about my autograph book. Last 
time I pass to who ah? help me ask around pls. If there's any 
news, you can contact me at 96950530 or email me: 

re: Greetings   =P   10:10 pm friday august 3, 2001
Peiming go arts and social science lah, got Zhenyi there... you 
can help apply sun block on her loooong legs.  And I think FASS 
got the most chiobus around. (probably because of the large 

re: Greetings   peiming   0:12 am thursday august 2, 2001
orightie...... i'll definately consider doing that one day keef!
where u stayin?? which fac are the gals in?? then i can re-submit 
application for change of course. hahaha.... 

re: Greetings   keef   10:43 am monday july 30, 2001
Now, IRONING is a big problem, computer room is lacking, looks 
like they are pretty supportive of the school's notebook 
ownership scheme... have spotted quite a few chio bus, all fellow 
soldiers can consider visiting me, haha 

re: Greetings   10   10:19 pm saturday july 28, 2001
is there a computer room at PGP? is there a room to iron ur 
clothes? i can only find the washing machines and dryers..

re: Greetings   =P   9:47 pm saturday july 28, 2001
Any chiobus living near you?  WELL, you can always CREATE a 
view... if you know what I mean... *grin* 

re: Greetings   keef   10:42 am saturday july 28, 2001
currently i'm staying in blk 22, #02-21, room O. No view to speak 
of, hot in the afternoon, but what the hell, i still like it.

re: Greetings   10   7:05 pm thursday july 26, 2001
hey keith which block are u in?  

Greetings   keef   2:50 pm wednesday july 25, 2001
well, long time no see guys. i have just moved into PGP, nice 
place here, guess it will be my home for the coming years. and 
of course i'll be going for the outing, any day also can. haha, 
looking forward to see all of you soon! 

re: My Autograph Book   ting   9:43 pm sunday july 22, 2001
I think the time can be set at around dinner time. I'm sure 
everybody knows that's pretty obvious, cos I think pp are busy in 
the afternoon with their activities.
Please write the next line/staza/riposte:) 

My Autograph Book   Johnny   11:40 am sunday july 22, 2001
Hi everyone,

Does anyone have any idea where my autograph book is? Ive been 
looking for it. Then i suddenly remembered I left it with one of 
you guys problem is I dunno who. Help me ask around for it pls. 

As for the class reunion, why dont we go to some air con place 
where there is coffee and music so can just sit down and talk. 
Like that then got nice atmosphere for talking. What u all think? 

re: 4th? 8th?   yix   2:19 pm sunday july 22, 2001
wilson the wanker watermelon ong wei sherng tinkie wankie
who else is so kaobei? 

re: 4th? 8th?   Johnny   10:55 am sunday july 22, 2001
Question: Who is disruptee anyway? 

re: 4th? 8th?   yix   10:33 am sunday july 22, 2001
fuck off dumbass.  if you cant think of anything constructive to 
say then shut up.  no one's forcing you to go so feel free to give 
the event a miss. it'd be better without you around anyway. moron. 

re: 4th? 8th?   disruptee   1:17 am sunday july 22, 2001
and oh btw ... i dun think therez a countdown to national 
eday ... well even if there was it'd be realli stupid ... are we 
like gonna 10 9 ... 0 then sing We Are Singapore or something oh 
boy cuddnt think of something more stupid than that except mebbe 

re: 4th? 8th?   disruptee   1:15 am sunday july 22, 2001
i like haf dear yixiang here writing a mail for 8 july (prob 
2002) ... but anywaez why dun we like go a PLACE instead of a 

re: 4th? 8th?   ting   9:05 pm saturday july 21, 2001
What april? Have you been watching too much of Teenage Mutant 
Ninja Turtles?? I'm not April O'Neil.:)
Anyway, I thought somewhere at the end of July or early Aug will 
be all right with me, though I'm still unoriented now... 

re: 4th? 8th?   mindef clerk   10:08 pm friday july 20, 2001
xiaohui i want the photos..


My house is so boring already..lets hit someone else's 
house...preferably where you bring your pretty NUS/NTU classmates 
along *Grinz*.

re: 4th? 8th?   ting   8:20 pm friday july 20, 2001
I think the details can only then be finalised after the NUS pp 
settle down cos it's still pretty chaotic now, probably at end 
July/early April?
Meanwhile, keep humming... 

re: 4th? 8th?   ding   12:12 pm friday july 20, 2001
good idea actually coz I realised I got eca on sat 

4th? 8th?   RSS Sea Tiger   11:07 pm thursday july 19, 2001
anyone has any idea what's going on? CT reps?

my suggestion is to scrap the 4th thingy and have something on 
the 8th instead since it's a public holiday eve...we can maybe 
like have a bbq at someone's house then stayover and countdown to 
national day or something...bum around lar basically and enjoy 
each others' company instead of going out to do stuff...anyone 
wants to volunteer a house? dave? johnny? me? haha let's get 
something done can? 

re: SAF Email   Data   9:23 pm thursday july 19, 2001
Sounds like you're having a lot of fun. Heh my wallpaper features the 
starship Enterprise, so I suppose you aren't interested in it As for the 
part about getting drunk & into some brawl, urm, can I opt out? ;-)

re: SAF Email   whu   8:36 pm thursday july 19, 2001
lotsa super sunday girls, and lotsa kyoko fujiwara or somethg the 
one who acted in SOS, u wan? 

re: SAF Email   mindef clerk   9:17 pm wednesday july 18, 2001
i think i have gotten super slack...i work like two to three 
hours a day and spend the rest of the day playing games..i have 
empire soccer..cm2...quake on network..*woohoo* but i need new 
stuff to entertain computer faces the door and is right 
at the back of the well..tuff luck!..*grinz* is 
our 4th of August outing on or not? Lets all go out have dinner 
get drunk and get into some brawl so that we have something to 
remember..*Grinz*...i am looking for new wall paper...anyone can 
send me some at work? ....... 


re: SAF Email   whucarezz   10:16 pm tuesday july 17, 2001
nah, seriously we seldom get to play cept on Sats when the 
officers are not around.  when they are around and when its 
weekdays, they exploit NSFs so badly that my colleagues and I 
even have to help do research for my Major's MBA. 

re: SAF Email   wows   11:34 pm saturday july 14, 2001
u mean *FOXTROT* good life siah 

re: SAF Email   Johnny   8:12 pm friday july 13, 2001
kaoz good life sia? 

SAF Email   whucarezz   7:30 pm thursday july 12, 2001
david, i got games ranging from Risk, Pool, Taitee, Chess etc 
etc to my latest discovery DUNE! i just laplinked it from my 
Major's laptop today when he was away on course. I got Romance 
of the 3 Kingdom 7 too but u need Winzip to unzip the file. Sad 
to say all emails are traceable and ARE READ BY MY SA, a WO who 
has nothing to do, so drop me a cryptic sounding request and put 
official looking subject. the best game so far is Risk, can play 
with 6 colleagues. but i seldom get chance to play cus my 
monitor facing the door and i share office with the CSM! ha! 

re: class gathering   wows   11:31 pm saturday july 14, 2001
yes interestingly mrs sng is NO LONGER there
AND it was never my wish
altho some humanz pple certainly joke abt hoping i wud go kick 
david liew away

* ... haha wilson looks for new targets ...*

re: class gathering   Data   7:44 pm thursday july 12, 2001
Well that would be interesting right? ;-) 

re: class gathering   hmm   3:14 pm thursday july 12, 2001
well you could always study maths, teach maths in rj and then 
overthrow mr tai as head of maths in rj :) 

re: class gathering   Data   9:10 pm wednesday july 11, 2001
I wish I had such defined career plans :-) 

re: class gathering   hmm   3:18 pm wednesday july 11, 2001
he wants to take history then teach history in rj and overthrow 
mrs sng as head of arts rite...

re: class gathering   ding   11:39 pm tuesday july 10, 2001
Hey wilson, you took up PSC teaching? where and what are you 
gonna study? 

re: class gathering   MALE Holder of Pink   11:20 pm tuesday july 10, 2001
Erm ...
Another thing ...
I have Teaching award prezzie in the afternoon ...

re: class gathering   Data   8:54 pm tuesday july 10, 2001
Wah so many options...maybe go & support our schoolmates & then 
have dinner lor. Nothing too strenuous, that's what I prefer :-) 

class gathering   10   12:59 pm tuesday july 10, 2001
u all know the rjc 20th anniversary on 4th Aug at orchard road rite...therez 
been a suggestion to hold a class gathering on that day as well...

any ideas on how we could roam around orchard together? or maybe go there see 
see then go somewhere else for lunch/dinner, or maybe u all dun really wanna go 
there in the first place and just meet somewhere on that day...any comments or 

re: SAF email   Data   11:49 am friday july 13, 2001
Um sorry Johnny, I think only ASAs who need to use email at work 
have it. Three pple in OCS, yup (afaik).

re: SAF email   Johnny   0:03 am sunday july 8, 2001
Do pple like me have this kinda email one a not? or issit just a 
internal kinda thing?

anyway hows everyone? im damn sianz in camp now everyday think of 
ORD... lol...  btw i tht our class got 3 pple OCS? peiming eric 
and wilson right?   

re: SAF email   Data   10:29 pm friday july 6, 2001
He's right; it'll be SO cool for us NSFs (at least those who have 
private emails) to keep in touch this way. I think no email 
network can reach across Singapore (except the .gov one, of 

(no subject)   email in the SAF   9:42 pm thursday july 5, 2001
ay all of you who have an email acocunt in the SAF lets keep 
connected so we can fill each other in with the latest games and 
stuff..and basically just a outlet for heavily stressed admin 
guys...when the computer just doesn't want to work the way you 
want it to we can just dish an email out to well i 
will start the ball rolling..just search for me under hq 
rsaf...amd..david chen...i know ziyuan is lin zy and just click 
on check names...and xiao hui is chan x h...are we the only 
three clerks? all of you give your email address... 

re: (no subject)   navy seal   7:25 pm friday july 6, 2001
sounds good...count me in 

(no subject)   mindef clerk   9:39 pm thursday july 5, 2001
shall we have a big bang before everyone goes off to their 
schools or what not.......i suggest a night 
out...karaoke..pubbing..dinner or what not...preferably an 
activity that the whole class can participate so at least we all 
see each other before we disappear into oblivion and pop up ten 
years down the road as someone what say all of 

re: NSF life   Yix   0:26 am thursday july 5, 2001
SAF = Serve And Fuckoff as a very wise shaokai once told me so 
sucks to the 3 'P's...we were forced in here and so who cares 
about passion et all...we just wanna ORD asap =)

Changi Naval Base MT Spec
come visit me and i'll drive you around camp 

NSF life   Data   9:39 pm wednesday july 4, 2001
Well, if we really want to go into whether the class guys accurately reflect 
the makeup of the SAF... never mind, sounds too much like work for me. OCS & 
Commandos are elite units, so it's not that surprising. Plus one disruptee, 
one might add. In the SAF Day commemoration on Monday my big big boss talked 
about having ze '3 Ps' - passion, pride & professionalism. Every NSF in the 
room practically scoffed at that: that's how it is when you don't aspire to 
have a career in the SAF. But one gets used to it. 

Another Mindef clerk 
2-8e, if anyone wants to visit me 

re: i finally got my posting   mindef clerk   6:46 pm wednesday july 4, 2001
oh well........looks like our class is not very combat inclined 
*grinz*...we have like one in ocs and one in that 
all? it really reflects the nature of the class..that really 
rocks...keep it up...Serve Your Country..and while you are at 
it..might as well be slack .....*grinz* don't let tony tan 
hear me saying that or he might just call me up to his office..

National Service "Rocks"...

mindef clerk

re: i finally got my posting   wows   10:45 pm friday june 29, 2001
oh gosh
so much for "huang tian bu fu ku xin ren" 
huh huh huh
haf fun man yix

re: i finally got my posting   Data   11:12 pm wednesday june 27, 2001
Well, congrats! The other services are known for coming in late, 
going home early & having breaks often. So enjoy your time :-) 

i finally got my posting   yix   9:34 pm wednesday june 27, 2001
I think someone high up in SAF likes me =) first they sent me to 
a nice slack company in BMT, then despite warnings by my platoon 
sgt that i'd go SISPEC, i got sent to be a transport supervisor 
instead, which makes me a sgt with about $100 more pay than a 
sispec sgt...and now with my final posting i'm going to... 
*Drumroll* ... the navy! that's a super slack place, i book in 
like 1 hour later than all those army people =) and book out 
about the same time, slightly earlier than some...and most 
importantly it's stayout! =) i'm like super estatic now =)


re: uni posting   Data   11:04 pm friday june 8, 2001
Has anyone got their NUS/NTU posting results already? Heard from 
friends that some of them have received theirs. Maybe mine got 
lost in the mail... 

uni posting   ding   9:55 am thursday june 7, 2001
hey how are your university posting results?

Yeah, everyone should've.   Data   11:36 pm thursday may 31, 2001

Has anyone in RJ received a letter askin   ting   6:13 am thursday may 31, 2001
collect their A level cert? 

new music   john   3:20 am wednesday may 23, 2001
Listen to this! 

Directions   mindef clerk   8:27 pm tuesday may 15, 2001
Just to make sure you know how to get here.

Take a mrt to Paya Lebar Station

Cross the overhead bridge and take the following bus numbers :-

Take it all the way until you see Tai Seng Turtle Soup. Its next 
to a shop selling fish called Cichlids and is in bright neon 
colours. Can't miss it.

Get off at the bus stop AFTER that.

Cross the road again. The street my house is on is the one next 
to the Church undergoing renovations. So thats pretty obvious as 
well. The bus stop you stop at should be one with the following 
shops :- Maxim coffee shop. US Pizza. Xian Seh Shop (those 
chinese doctors thingeys)

My address is 38 Paya Lebar Walk S 535956

If you do eventually get lost which i pray no one does.
Call me at 98221076. Don't go splashing it on the back of 
buses.Okay hope that helps.


re: discharged   bui   4:12 pm monday may 14, 2001
paiseh 19th May machiam like some once-in-ten-years date... My 
cousin getting married on that day and I am FORCED to go for the 
wedding dinner because my mum's going to states, then one 
less "representative" from my family mah. sian ji bua. I wanna 
join u all =( i want BBQ food! argh! Somemore that day is A div 
finals for basketball. Saturday somemore... my bball day. -grrr- 
Not working also so busy. =(
u guys have fun there... maybe if u all coming to town after the 
BBQ i meet u all lor. 

discharged   mindef clerk   9:47 pm sunday may 13, 2001

finally discharged from hospital
throat feeling pain like hell but i suppose "time will heal"

anyway i just need a rough gauge of who is coming on saturday
all are invited and welcomed so just give me a small RSVP or an 
sms on my hdphn 98221076
can't do much talking so i need all these visuals.

Thanks a bunch.

Hope to see you on saturday.


re: 19th   Data   4:58 pm sunday may 13, 2001
Me, for one. 

19th   yix   10:19 pm monday may 7, 2001
who's going? 

re: C compiler   Data   1:33 am monday may 7, 2001
Well I don't know where to buy pirated software but I have a few other options to offer: 

1. I have Microsoft Visual C++ 6 on CD, this big (100+ MB?) & complex  
development tool for Windows programs. It ~can~ compile C/C++; just 
that it'll be like using an axe to break an egg. I suspect that this 
is what you'll find if you hunt around for software. 

2. A command-line bare-bones compiler, e.g. MinGW or Borland, with 
some configuration (I've done this so this'll be painless). 

3. (2) & a front-end IDE e.g. Quincy. Using an IDE doesn't just mean 
a nice friendly Windows interface; it speeds up executing (just press F9), 
has an easy-to-use debugger & has extra things like colour-coding. For 
now, I've managed to make Quincy-MinGW work, so that's one solution. 

All this may just be to save some hundreds of MBs installing things you'll 
never need, yes. But once it works, it works beautifully. What's more, 
(2) or (3) won't cost you anything. How's that for cheap? 

So email me if you need the files. Btw why do you want to learn C anyway? 

re: none   whu   7:40 pm friday may 4, 2001
woah wan ting? u can try jade house at bishan, it isnt been 
raided yet..i was last there 3 days ago 

none   tingting   8:42 pm thursday may 3, 2001
anybody knows where to find cheap (read pirated ) C compiler... 
hearrd the pirates disappeared at Sim Lim
Any way, if anybody wants to buy a notebook ( the electronic 
one) , here's free consultation, in case (choi choi...) 

re: Why did the chicken cross the road?   Johnny   8:45 am wednesday may 2, 2001
eh dont worry man... its nothing lah... just happened some 
monster pimple decided to make its home on my back and the 
doctors didnt really like the look of it there? so they made this 
gigantic volcanic crater on my back, so now i have mc!

the worst part? i have to change the dressing everyday and 
oweweeeee!! sooooooooooooo pain man

so girls better be careful of those spots on your face sia? 
scarly like me also get mc hahahahaha no lah no lah touchwood 

re: Why did the chicken cross the road?   ding   8:29 am wednesday may 2, 2001
hey johnny, what happened? are you okay? 

re: Cdo Joel Tay   whu   7:39 pm friday may 4, 2001
itz real..just dunno how long he will last.. 

re: Cdo Joel Tay   Data   11:25 pm wednesday may 2, 2001
If what you're saying is true, then I must say that it's a brave 
decision; a really purposeful one. It's not out of character for 
Joel to do this ;-) 

re: Why did the chicken cross the road?   whu   9:32 pm tuesday may 1, 2001
its just a myth la, in fact u shud eat everything and anything! 
btw as an encouragement, joel tay the canoeist signed on as a 
commando officer ;) 

re: Why did the chicken cross the road?   Rahul   2:59 pm tuesday may 1, 2001
possibilities narrowed down ?!?  erm.. try vegetarian food for a 
while..  :)
dunno about the second question.

Why did the chicken cross the road?   Johnny   2:18 pm tuesday may 1, 2001
Hey everybody!

I got to ask ya all something VERY important. ok maybe not SOOO 
important but still important enough for me to get my lazy 
fingers onto the keyboard.

Letssssay ya got a SUPER HUGMOGOUS WOUND on ya body and ya want 
it to like really heal SUPER fast and all.  Some old dude beside 
me in the hospital told me i should avoid chicken and eggs at 
ALL COSTS. Imagine: no chicken and eggs the food possibilities 
are really narrowed down right? So what kinda foods and drinks 
do ya gotta avoid eating/drinking?

and oh btw im on 3weeks MC because of a pimple on my back. 
sounds stupid? it does though its true. lol

heeeellllllllpppppp meeeeeeeee plllllssssssssss THANKS in 

re: 19th Birthday Bash   ding   11:25 pm wednesday april 18, 2001
count me in... pardner or no pardner, grog or no grog... 

re: 19th Birthday Bash   non sispec 3SG   6:30 pm wednesday april 18, 2001
no partner how? still invited or not?
losers like me no love life one =) 

re: 19th Birthday Bash   Data   0:29 am wednesday april 18, 2001
> ...its B.Y.O.[G.] (Bring Your Own Grog) kind of situation... 
[GROG (n.) An alcoholic liquor, especially rum diluted with water.] 

Hmm, I think I'll skip that, thanks. Anyway count me in for the party; 
David's a great host & anything for a reprieve from the mostly-dull NS life. 

> its worrying when partners come in a plural form....*Grinz* 
Indeed. Although I'm more curious than worried, maybe because I'm not the host 


re: 19th Birthday Bash   mindef clerk   10:06 pm monday april 16, 2001
its worrying when partners come in a plural form....*Grinz*



re: 19th Birthday Bash   whu   8:39 pm monday april 16, 2001
um yup, i'll bring my partners along =) 

re: 19th Birthday Bash   zhenyi   5:47 pm monday april 16, 2001
it feels like i celebrated my 19th birthday like eons ago but 
it's been only 2 months. why does time go so slowly when you are 
NOT having fun? isn't it crazy how i seem to crave to go to 
school when i don't get to...sigh. now that i'm seeing things 
from the other perspective, I MISS SCHOOL! BIG TIME!! 
haha...stupid right. and people like rahul gotta fret over which 
uni is more happening, i'm worrying my cells dead over whether 
i'll be going into nus. hmm. being a relief teacher in RGS, i 
repeat RGS, is a major draining experience. why do u think i miss 
sch? ps/i quit the kimono job. too tired. tsu kare masu?

ANYWAYS, 19th May happens to be my dear brother's birthday so i 
doubt i can go...i'll get accused of getting my alphabet wrong 
because FAMILY comes before FRIENDS. sighz. BROTHER comes before 

you guys have a great time lah. unless my brother's bash (is 
there one?) ends real early and david's ends real late, seeya at 
the next class outing. 

19th Birthday Bash   mindef clerk   10:32 pm sunday april 15, 2001
Well yeah its that time of the year again.....its my 19th 
birthday and well you guys are INVITED to my house on the 19th 
of May (by pure conincidence) for a bbq....well i am telling you 
guys early because if some of you don't know i am going for an 
operation so well going to be concussed for a while and wouldn't 
be able to spread the keep that date free..its a bring your partners(lots of bath tubs and empty 
rooms as XH can testify)...its B.Y.O. (Bring Your Own Grog) kind 
of situation....address is 38 Paya Lebar Walk and please RSVP by 
18th May *Grinz* and do contact me at my handphone 98221076....
so there....don't say bo better see you there and we 
can have a good get together....thats all from me and do spread 
the word to those who don't even have the courtesy to check outt 
his board.....Cheers....*hic*


sai siah... everything also shut down. =   bui   1:40 pm thursday april 12, 2001

  I regret to inform you that the web site will 
  shut down on April 15, 2001 and will no longer be available 
  The market downturn of the last 12 months made it 
increasingly difficult
  to cover the costs of operating the eCircles site.

  If there is data in your circles that you wish to keep, 
please log on
  to retrieve it before April 15th. I've included instructions 
  We truly appreciate your patronage over the last several 
years and we
  hope you'll continue to find ways to stay connected with your 
  and families.

  Prescott Lee
  President & CEO

re: need help.....!!! Rahul 8:57 pm sunday april 29, 2001 hi all, i'm just back from my aussie trip.. nice to see some words from a couple of you.. thanks a lot for the advice ! To Ziyuan : i couldn't have agreed less on most of what you've said.. i am inclined towards the states, and am looking for a more flexible timetable in uni, unlike school. However, i still dont understand why you wont be getting the chance to study overseas.. MIT isn't the only big institution in the states.. there is always a Stanford, Caltech, Harvard, Yale (and many more) for you !! :) all in S05A have a bright future ahead of them. cheers, Rahul.
re: need help.....!!! Data 11:45 pm tuesday april 17, 2001 To Rahul: Now being in the position of someone who probably won't have the chance to study overseas unless I become a MIT janitor or sth, IMHO: 1. I'm biased towards the States because it seems more 'happening,' & knowing you Rahul, that will be what you're looking for too, right? 2. & it seems that you've already slanted towards the US. 3. & cheers for double degrees! (but are you sure the UK Us don't allow it?) 4. Of course you should also consider what career you're planning to take up, & where. The reputation of Oxford may not be so important these days as more Indians, I hear, are emigrating to Silicon Valley or otherwise setting up startups in Bangalore or elsewhere. The sun has set on the British empire... OK I'm getting too dramatic here. But here's the cliché & the truth: you'll probably do well whichever university you go to. You have a bright future ahead of you! :-) Data
re: need help.....!!! recruit 10:28 pm sunday april 15, 2001 isn't it just so stressful when you have to make choices like that? *sarcastic tone* *grinz*...doh...toss a damn coin or something......oxford boring? but its going to make you for life/ berkeley ? fun.....sure get onto drugs and alcohol and see where that lands you.....okay enough said......i say oxford first degree Us for postgraduate..... Drunk
re: need help.....!!! ding 0:29 am sunday april 15, 2001 I heard Oxford is really a boring place...
re: need help.....!!! whu 8:23 pm tuesday april 10, 2001 Berkeley. Period.
need help.....!!! Rahul 4:38 pm tuesday april 10, 2001 sorry mates if this sounds stupid, but i am really confused over which university i should choose for my undergrad. NOTE : i got turned down by harvard and princeton ------------------------------------------------------------ the choices are Oxford, Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon, LSE, and Imperial (i guess the first three are playing in my mind) now the considerations : 1. i'm doing computer science for which US is far more practical. 2. US will allow me a double degree.. that allows me a chance at a double majors at economics too.. 3. the LIFE (party scene).. dont want it to be dull !! (my brother whose been to Upenn (a stones throw away from CMU) thinks that life at CMU is dull, especially if its gonna be 4 years :(.. california (berkeley) should be amazing !! 4. the time period.. oxford is 3 years, US ones are 4 years 5. the name of oxford is too good too miss out on, especially in india... HALPPPPPPP me... i'm confused.. sorry for the trouble. cheers folks, R. P.S> i'm not trying to sound freakish.. i am confused !! :)

re: (no subject) Yix 7:40 pm tuesday april 10, 2001 hmm actually i'm not a driver =)
re: (no subject) david 10:50 pm sunday april 8, 2001 yes we all know you are driver *tsk*
(no subject) yix 7:24 pm saturday april 7, 2001 hey where did all you guys get posted?

BBQ   Data   10:17 pm saturday march 31, 2001
I think it'll be better to have it on a Saturday since some of 
our friends may not be able to make it, & everyone will be 
exhausted after work. & these days my ma'am's dishing out OT 
after OT, so that'll be too true for me.

P.S. There's no OT pay - you just have to do it. :-( 

(no subject)   Johnny   7:03 pm saturday march 31, 2001

is the bbq like confirmed? i wont be able to make it since my 
bct starts on Sunday after POP. no broad leave for me.

if cannot on weekend then nemind hope you guys have a, as david 
puts it: "a swiggin good time"  

re: what bbq? David 11:27 am saturday march 31, 2001 yix is having a bbq during his block leave on wednesday at his house........all come and have a bitch of a time....*Grinz* David
what bbq? 10 11:53 pm friday march 30, 2001 yeah..what bbq?
re:Rejected david 9:35 pm friday march 30, 2001 *sighz*...u leave the rest of us little hope data.....*grinz* if you hang around at the kent ridge vincinity...well that leaves us very little manouveuring wellz all of you better turn up for yix's wednesday bbq so we can all get together again and have a jolly good swig....see you there God BLess. Take Care. David

Rejected   Data   9:24 pm friday march 30, 2001
Today I got THE letter:

"The Admissions Committee has completed its review of our 
applications, and I am sorry to tell you that we are unable to 
offer you admission to MIT." 

Then it goes on to give reasons, or excuses, depending on how 
you look at it.

"...This year we had over 10,000 candidates for just 1,600 
offers of admission from which will come our 1,000 freshmen...

...I am very sorry to bring you such disappointing news when you 
have worked so hard. You are a terrific student, and I do wish 
you the very best as you continue your education."

Although I didn't have any expectations of getting in, having 
the rejection in black & white still stings. Sigh, it looks more 
& more likely that I'll be in the Kent Ridge crowd come 2003 :-(. 

re: it's me again! David 11:09 pm thursday march 29, 2001 what is your ring tone? anyway flintstones all the way
re: it's me again! whu 10:25 pm thursday march 29, 2001 u wan mine not? i tink my ring tone is ze best
it's me again! zhenyi 3:57 pm thursday march 29, 2001 *laugh* and i felt so bad for having the bogus 'it' msg but guess eugene just had to outdo me huh... anyway, just had my most relaxed day with only one class to teach. but i had to prepare worksheets on "methods of increasing arable land" which can be summarised to one word-*YAWN*. they had a blackout in the RGS staff rm yesterday so i ended up going home instead of doing that. anyway i have a favour to ask of all SINGTEL MOBILE SUBSCRIBERS with nice ringing tones, pls send to me (most of you already have my phone no.)cos i'm using the ones provided in nokia phones and trust me they don't sound good. yeah, thanks in advance.

update   eugene   1:32 pm wednesday march 28, 2001
sorry for the 2 empty messages.
erm just wanted to inform u all that my phone number is now 

(no subject)   eugene   1:30 pm wednesday march 28, 2001

(no subject)   eugene   1:30 pm wednesday march 28, 2001

re: it zhenyi 3:47 pm thursday march 29, 2001 relief teaching at RGS.....until like middle of May when the NIE graduates come in...but i have to set the mid year exam and then come back to mark it...sooo exciting.
re: it david 10:31 pm tuesday march 27, 2001 where are you relief teaching zhenyi?
re: it ding 5:51 pm tuesday march 27, 2001 Huh? there's a bbq? I haven't heard anything about it! anyway it was great to see you too zhenyi!
re: it zhenyi 8:53 am tuesday march 27, 2001 IT. not tryin to be cryptic but it's tues morn and i'm sufferin from a prolonged case of monday blues. 2nd week into relief teaching, glad i'm still alive. yi ding came by the other day (great to see u!)anyway i am still not very good at the laptop which is why i ended up pressing enter by accident and IT appeared. horrors. today is supposedly my early day but i have a level meeting to attend. SIGH!! okie so i hear everybody(well almost) in ns will be out next week and that we're having a BBQ? on a weekday (HMM). hopefully i'll be able to go and listen to all your horror stories. till then, take care...

it   zhenyi   8:47 am tuesday march 27, 2001

Sian dont have broad week leave.   Johnny   3:55 pm saturday march 24, 2001
Sian man while other pple look forward to POP. Im not so eager 
to go for it. 31st March POP I kena the POP function comittee 
have to take care of logistics. Then later book out for 1 night 
then book in again for Basic Commando Training (BCT) the next 
day for 8 weeks while you all go to OCS. 
Wah shiok man, I really enjoying myself down here. Btw how are 
you guys SOC and IPPT timings? I barely passed my SOC: 9:43 
*sigh* not fit for commando...

anyway good luck in OCS or SISPEC whichever you guys go too. 
aiyah sure all go to OCS one lah while i slog like pig here in 
changi point... 

POPping over   Data   10:29 pm thursday march 22, 2001
Maybe it'll be like the time of enlistment when they allowed 5 
family members to come along for a tour. But personally I don't 
relish seeing Tekong again, even if I didn't go through hell & 
high water there. 

re: (no subject) 10 10:00 pm thursday march 22, 2001 u mean it's open to public?
(no subject) david 2:24 pm thursday march 22, 2001 anyone going to support the brave souls at their bmtc pop parade?

(no subject)   eug   3:20 am tuesday march 20, 2001
Hello people. 
I'm going in soon. It's my turn now finally. For those coming 
out, congrats. Must have been a long time for you all. For me, 
the break isn't long enough. But what to do. boh bian. =P well 
take care you guys.  

hiyas   david   8:03 pm monday march 19, 2001

i just paid a visit to Tekong that day. Went to pick up a guy 
who was OOC and got downgraded for severe asthma. Such fun. 
*Grinz*. Although still being a recruit those sergeants couldn't 
do shit to me...*grinz* why? coz i was in air force No.3 
haha...they also LL....well didn't get to see any of you 
guys..didn't hang around long enough because i was afraid to 
miss the damn fast craft..any minute longer on that island is a 
minute too anyway..11 days to go to POP hang in 
there peeps.....Anyone wanna go for 31 March POP parade?

Mindef Clerk

P.S. OOC = Out Of Course

    LL = Lan Lan

    POP = Passing Out Parade 

i never knew the floor was so hard....   Johnny   11:11 pm sunday march 18, 2001
hello all

im back from a super 2 weekend confinement period from tekong 
old bmtc school where the beds provided for have superb support 
for the back in terms of granite flooring and you are constantly 
beind visited by your friendly neighbours the mosquitoes who 
most of the time leave you presents in the form of red spots in 
the most impossible places.

having BIC (battle inonculation course) and rifle shooting 
together in a period of 2 weeks is just about the worse 
combination anyone can get. 

For the confused: 
BIC = lots of blood and pus on your elbows.
rifle shooting = balancing yourself and receiving the impact of 
the recoil of an M16 on your elbows.

WOW! aint that a great combination? now im happy i can brush my 
teeth myself.

i emphasise once again DO NOT JOIN COMMANDOS FOR FUN! unless you 
think doing BIC 3 times then running back to old bmtc school and 
doing 3 rounds of SOC is no kick at all.

anyway its late now and after having only 3 hrs of sleep 
everyday for the past 11 days... i think i should stop crapping 

and btw how i wish i was in BMTC. *&#^$)*&^!@ 

hi, just expressing support for the msg   eric   6:08 pm saturday march 17, 2001
2 more weeks to POP, then see where i go.....
hopefully my broad leave is intact. 

5 days att C...woohoooo =)   Yix   6:05 pm thursday march 15, 2001
i got 5 days att c today...nice OCT MO in room 3, so i won't 
have to go back to tekong till next monday and i get to skip GST 
=)  after 3 days of SIT test this week, i don't think i can take 
another field camp just 7 days later so i'm like really happy 
*grinz* anyhow...2 more weeks to POP...see you guys at the POP 
parade =) and for eugene, hanboon, weiping and anyone else in 
the april batch, just hang in there...BMT passes real quick and 
once it's over, you'll wish you could do it over again (esp if 
you get sent to Sispec or a combat unit).
enough blabbering for now...ta!


i'm just as lost! zhenyi 9:20 am thursday march 15, 2001 hellooooos everybody, i still like the old msgboard better but this will do just as well in the meantime. i'm at rgs now, using the laptop and trying not to curse because being not used to it, i can't type very effciently. like now and then i gotta backspace because letters are issing (eg.Missing). yeah, hope you pple are getting on A-ok, i'm kinda surviving. take care!
Subject Length Limits Data 7:40 pm tuesday march 13, 2001 I tried to type the whole message into the subject field too! & there's no way to change it, unfortunately. This is not good at all - clicking & clicking. Anyone have any ideas?

trade union anybody? crapper 7:09 pm tuesday march 13, 2001 whose parents interested in becoming union members ah? come down to suntec city this saturday or sunday to sign up! got some promotions going on, come and look for me and sign up lah~ :P to know more abt the benefits of being an NTUC union member, log on to =)
(no subject) david 6:46 pm tuesday march 13, 2001 hiyas just signing on how you guys doing? you guys in tekong almost POP...hang in there hor....what about you gals...what you all up to? working ? anyone applied to anywhere yet? David

this is a leetle confusing   10   0:07 am tuesday march 13, 2001
or actually i tink just not used to it...anyway the subject 
quota is very little i thought we could type a whole chunk of 
words there so we dun have to open each msg but no they are 
smarter than me...anyway thanx ziyuan for finding this temporary 
shelter...(but most likely permanent?) and anyway how are all u 
pple? this plain white background sure isn't as cheerful or 
cheeky as our previous msgboard...=P 

booked out just to post a new msg on thi   whu   11:34 pm monday march 12, 2001

Hey hello. Have come to support the new eurgj 11:17 pm monday march 12, 2001
re: Greetings! ... ding 9:57 pm monday march 12, 2001 hey man, thanx for the effort! i'm still not sure how this thing works so lemme try try a few times okie?
Greetings! ... Data 7:51 pm monday march 12, 2001
Welcome to our new message board! It's too bad that we couldn't get a site or a script that could show all the messages on one page, instead of this click-on-each- message model, but I guess that for the time being we can put up with this, right? (We might even get used to it.) Anyway, I hope that this board can remain active, even if it doesn't reach the heights of the old one - understandably, since not many pple can hang around here to talk & exchange crap here every other day. OK, start typing! =)