Books regarding Singapore - History, Politics, Economics, Society etc.

No. Title Author Date Call No. Notes
1 The Tiger and the Trojan Horse Bloodworth, Dennis 86 959.57  
2 The Dynamics of One-Party Dominance: The PAP at the Grassroots Chan, Heng Chee 76 329.95957  
3 Your Future, My Faith, Our Freedom: A Democratic Blueprint for Singapore Chee, Soon Juan 2001 959.57 The opposition
4 A History of Singapore Chew, Ernest; Lee, Edwin 91 959.57 History standard
5 Communitarian Ideology and Democracy in Singapore Chua, Beng Huat 95 320.95957 Also under 959.5705.
6 Political Legitimacy and Housing: Stakeholding in Singapore Chua, Beng Huat 97 363.585  
7 Singapore: Struggle for Success Drysdale, John 84 959.57 History standard
8 Singapore: The Pregnable Fortress: A Study in Deception, Discord and Desertion Elphick, Peter 95 940.5425 WWII
9 Singapore: The Air-Conditioned Nation: Essays on the Politics of Comfort and Control George, Cherian 2000 959.57  
10 The Economics of Modernization Goh, Keng Swee 72 330.95957  
11 The Politics of Nation Building and Citizenship in Singapore Hill, Michael; Lian, Kwen Fee 95 320.95957  
12 State-Society Relations in Singapore Koh, Gillian; Ooi, Giok Ling (eds) 2000 306.095957  
13 Lee's Lieutenants: Singapore's Old Guard Lam, Peng Er; Tan, Kevin Y. L. (eds) 99 320.95957  
14 A Moment of Anguish: Singapore in Malaysia and the Politics of Disengagement Lau, Albert 98 959.5705  
15 The Singapore Story: Memoirs of Lee Kuan Yew Lee, Kuan Yew 98 959.57 History standard
16 From Third World to First: The Singapore Story, 1965-2000 Lee, Kuan Yew 2000 959.57 History standard
17 Singapore's Foreign Policy: Coping with Vulnerability Leifer, Michael 2000 327.5957  
18 Policy Options for the Singapore Economy Lim, Chong Yah (ed) 88 330.95957  
19 The Political Economy of a City-State: Government-Made Singapore Low, Linda 98 338.095957  
20 Singapore: Towards a Developed Status Low, Linda 99 338.90095957  
21 Singapore: Re-Engineering Success Mahizhnan, Arun; Lee, Tsao Yuan (eds) 98 959.57  
22 Singapore: The Legacy of Lee Kuan Yew Milne, R. S.; Mauzy, Diane K. 90 959.57  
23 Singapore Politics under the People's Action Party Milne, R. S.; Mauzy, Diane K. 2002 329.95957 Recently published
24 Between Two Oceans: A Military History of Singapore from First Settlement to Final British Withdrawal Murfett, Malcolm H., et al. 99 355.0095957 WWII
25 The Singapore Dilemma: The Political and Educational Marginality of the Malay Community Rahim, Lily Zubaidah 98 305.8992805957  
26 Singapore Changes Guard: Social, Political and Economic Directions in the 1990s Rodan, Garry (ed) 93 959.5705  
27 Political Oppositions in Industrialising Asia Rodan, Garry (ed) 96 959.5705  
28 Strategic Pragmatism: The Culture of Singapore's Economic Development Board Schein, Edgar H. 96 338.95957  
29 The Struggle Over Singapore's Soul: Western Modernization and Asian Culture Tamney, Joseph B. 96 306.0959  
30 A Sudden Rampage: The Japanese Occupation of Southeast Asia, 1941-1945 Tarling, Nicholas 2001 940.5359 WWII
31 The Political Economy of Social Control in Singapore Tremewan, Christopher 94 306.095957  
32 A History of Singapore: 1819-1988 Turnbull, C. M. 89 959.57 History standard
33 Governing Singapore: Interviews with the New Leaders Vasil, Raj (ed) 88 320.95957  

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Drawn mostly from the bibliography to Singapore Politics under the People's Action Party (no. 20). There are many more books specifically on the World War II period not listed here.